wolfswan: (Heels & Cuffs)
Jessica ([personal profile] wolfswan) wrote2012-06-11 12:45 pm

roleplay: entry example: travie mccoy

It feels like months since I've been in my own home; I'm stuck living in this bunk but at least Stitch has his own. I love my baby boy but I don't think I could share with that space hog for so long. I wanna say it's sad 'cause we're not even playing dates constantly. There's so many gaps between dates and I'm stuck sitting in the bus with the rest of GCH; I miss the days when we preformed every day. I miss hauling ass and visiting every state in a year. At least we're out there, right?

But hey, this gapped-tour gave me some time do some tracks with some of my new best homies. 'cept this ass clown says he's my best but he hasn't been around – oh, facebook says he just got his ass kicked by his old band. I better call that fucker and see what happened, maybe laugh at him for being a drama queen. Love the dude but really?

Hope you can hang five Aron because the bus slot next to me was just filled. Or it was filled a minute ago. The prettiest lady I've ever seen just bounced out and she has the biggest, brightest smile eva. I wonder if she knows that it lights up this dim parking lot? Maybe I should go let her know…

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